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ceci sariol

ceci sariol
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ceci sariol

ceci sariol


Mao Zhang & Ceci Sariol

cookies studio, MIARD, Piet Zwart Institute

sculpture, fall 2019

This project prompt asked us to consider the architectural element of the floor as it relates to the subjects of antigravity and performance, as well as the ritual and cyclical aspects. 

The form of our model is based on an armillary sphere, a tool used to map the cosmos with earth or the sun at the center. Thus, these large gravitational bodies dictate the framework.

Gravity restricts us to the ground, but at the same provides a framework that stops us from losing ourselves in the infinite cosmos. Within this model, the water absorbing balls and colored particles float freely, while the concentric circular structure still holds each layer from breaking apart.
It is a human endeavor to challenge gravity through both
scientific and spiritual approaches. Meditation, yoga, ask us to transcend bodily restrictions into a state that deconstructs the concept of the traditional floor. These practices activate the flow state, shifting between
grounding and floating. 
As the tubes are spinning, the dye cloud separates into smaller particles, at a certain point blending with its immiscible liquid. When static, gravity takes over and the dye collects at the bottom.
We see this related to the notion of nonduality and duality,
nonduality as everything, and duality as a system that exists within that. Oneness while retaining a sense of the individual.


ceci sariol

technical drawings

Mao Zhang

early conceptual sketches 
Ceci Sariol

ceci sariol
ceci sariol
ceci sariol
ceci sariol
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