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JAN.-FEB 2018


Every interaction within this exhibition underscores the importance, satisfaction, and improvement of personal well-being from directly following the breath.

Flow is a state of mindfulness, though it is not only achieved in meditation-- it is how we feel when we're completely engrossed in an activity and our relentless brain chatter ceases. The hope is to extend the 'flow' from meditation to our daily working and creative lives. The chakras exist at seven points along our body that correspond with essential energy processing systems. These points can be used as focus points for meditation. Visitor circulation through FLOW ROOM reflects an upward ascension through the chakras, figuratively, culminating in a solitary meditation experience. Each organic form is a 'room' and within each room is meant to convey the illusion of infinity. The interactions within the organic shapes are the color and light points, while the remaining areas remain in shadow. This naturally draws users to the areas where they are meant to experience something. Each is a unique sensory experience that plays with the sensation of breathing (in-out movement, translated various ways) and infinity (lighting decisions create the sense of vastness). 

Overall, FLOW ROOM encourages meditation as a ritual in daily life. Those that are familiar with meditation will get the most out of this exhibition. Emerging from this inner process, one will absorb their surroundings in awe. 

Concept: thrive

(Standing ACTION)

-Virtual reality experience, one enters the room and places on the headset. They are then standing in a room where plants squirm wildly around them. To calm them, simply breathe in and out.

Concept: SWELL

(sitting action)


-Womb-like chair that breathes with you- expanding and contracting to aid in breathing meditation. We can go long periods forgetting the importance of simple breath, this chair is a gentle reminder. 

Concept: ASCEND

(up/down motion)


-Crystal see-saw with pods on either side. Would be a mechanized movement, slow enough to remain soothing. Up-down motion reflects in-out breathing pattern. 

Concept: flow


-Visitors may select a scent to be diffused into the space. The sole purpose of mindful meditation with enhanced ease of transportation to a quiet mind through customization of experience. 

Concept: ASCEND

(up/down motion)


Mechanized pair of crystal pods that move rhythmically up and down in accordance with one’s breath. The
illusion of infinity would be accomplished in this ‘room’ through the use of
large-scale projections
illuminating every

Concept: THRIVE




Standing in a virtual
reality experience, where alien plants squirm
wildly around until you
begin breathing. The forest then expands and contracts along with you.
‘Infinity’ is accomplished in this room through selective spot-lighting
highlighting the VR
headsets, and darkness.

ARTIST: Ondrej Zunka-

Thes, a
genetically-modified plant.

Concept: SWELL

(sitting action)



Inspired by partnered
meditation, this womb-like chair would employ
technology to emulate breath against one’s back as they engage in meditation. This room uses mirrors to create an infinite

environment, though the
craziness may be quieted by closing the eyes and
focusing on the breath..

Sputnik, Verner Panton 

Build Your Own Meditator, Nov 1970

Popsci Archives 

Concept: FLOW



Large enough for a single meditator, this room is a cave-like space.
The ability to diffuse
calming scents and
the absence of distraction will ease the user into to a flow state.