€ 35,00Price

๓นtคຖt fคirฯ คຖງēl ຟiຖງ


Digitally sculpted, 3-D printed form hung on 925 sterling silver 

This material glows for you in the darkness ✦✴☽


pictured: size MEDIUM in BONE GLO

7.6 (long) x 4.2 (wide) x 0.3 (thick)





  • This products can be made for you in smaller or larger dimensions than those pictured  above on our human. There are price adjustments for printing time and material consumption.

    small: 30€

    medium: 35 €

    7.6 (long) x 4.2 (wide) x 0.3 (thick)

    large: 40 €

    9.8 (long) x 5.3 (wide) x 0.5 (thick)