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ceci sariol
ceci sariol

ceci sariol

way out


march-June 2019


The prompt for this project was to develop a language similar to an architectural code "reading"

Roodkapje-- restaurant, music venue, and informal gallery space in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

My initial concept was an augmented reality treasure hunt across key connection sites (the smoker's garage, tribune steps); projecting animations of creature-humans that mirrored "reality."

This idea distilled into a single stop-motion animation, however, the main speculation remained: How does technology aid in the increasingly fluid nature of our realities? And what are the consequent implications for future relations with others, our environment, and ourselves? 

The strongest reaction I received from visitors was the dissonance between what is "real" and fake.

Many wondered if I had actually filmed this event occurring on the tribune steps. For me, this underscores the main effect that future interior-technology intersections may have upon our everyday perceptions.

My choice to use the analogue practice of stop-motion rather than digital animation was a nod toward this escalating meshing of digital and physical. Furthermore, the choice of a larger screen, rather than the isolating interface of our personal phones, was important for this experience. 

ceci sariol

site specific installation:

flatscreen overlooking tribune space within Roodkapje

ceci sariol

images taken inside of model used to create stop-motion animation

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