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digitally sculpted, 3D printed in PLA, and mounted on 325 paracord with custom sculpted ends ✧˚ · .


Although designed for the hip areas, this piece can complement various curves throughout the body to be worn in multiple ways. Each purchase includes both left and right sides and is accompanied by a supply of 325 paracord, as well as specially designed end pieces which are removable in order to customize the styling to the users needs.

Color of paracord will be based on my own discretion as well as stock availability, but if you have a specific request in mind please leave a custom note while ordering and I will do my best to accomodate it. 

Also leave a custom note if you would like to mix two different materials for your set! [can also apply for the included end pieces.]


Made to order and produced personally by Ceci Sariol.





  • 17hr 20 mins  in the printer  ♨

ceci sariol
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