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I am currently available for projects involving spatial design (physical and digital), product design, character design, 3D animated films, AR/VR applications, 3D printing, or personal branding. Please direct any inquiries to me in email.


Multidimensional experience designer and filmmaker; harmonizing spatial dreamings with the realms of film, music, fashion, and technology. My work seeks to guide the inhabitor to an alternate reality, exploring messages of mindfulness, personal power, full expression, and human connection within the emotional and atmospheric details. The focus lays in blurring boundaries between the digital and physical, and using this in-between space to imagine utopic timelines.


✦ Animations for Merlyn Wood single 's.y.k'

 -write ups in Rolling stone and other Music news publications

nov 2021

local photography for Austin-based band: the bishops

 -Austin Chronicle, Lyrical Lemonade, KuTX



exhibitions / invitations

✦ oh, the Places You'd go 

 "3D animations from a new generation of artists"

 WILlem twee Kunstruimte, online exhibition

 march 27- may 16 2021


 too little too late 

 presenting 'sim society', for a discussion on climate change with selected graduation projects.

 online event at blue city, Rotterdam, NL 

 willem de kooning academy 

 Nov 2020 

✦ Earthly soundtracks for the non-human  

 in collaboration with animistic beliefs 

 for rokolectiv festivalsupported by SHAPE platform 

 oct 2020 

 Nominee Master Research Award 

 My graduation project 'sim society', was recgonized. 

Piet Zwart Institute, willem de kooning academy 

MAY 2020 

 other ways of watching together  

 presenting 'woes'  


 Feb 2020 

 volume #56 playbor: Launch event  

 presenting 'baby carpet for the post-human', Selected response to student call for proposals+panel speaker 


 jan 2020 



 rOODKAPJE, Rotterdam 

 1st year student exhibition with MIARD, pIET zWART iNSTITUTE 

 JUNE 2019 

 the hidden zine project

  ZINE FUNDRAISER offering 'friends and strangers' personal photo zine 

  RANK & fILE co. 

  raised $900 for victims of sex-traffiking in the Himalayas 

  dEC 2016 





M.A. interior architecture: research + design, Piet Zwart Institute, 2018-2020 (cum laude)

b.s. interior design, the University of texas at Austin school of architecture, 2014-2018

International Baccalaureate high school diploma, lamar Academy, 2010-2014