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ceci sariol
ceci sariol

*please view in 3D or alternatively with a phone-compatible headset. setting at 4K quality.

ceci sariol


floor installation & VR animation

cookies studio, MIARD, Piet Zwart Institute

winter 2019

This project prompt asked us to reconsider the notion of the floor as an architectural element.


A baby carpet for the post-human, combining simulation technology with tactile experience.

Grounded in an artificial garden, while in virtual reality freed from gravity; exploring a landscape of the future.

In my thesis research I propose that simulations, such as VR, may pave the path for a more balanced and sustainable society, insofar as its ability to make any experience, notably those available beyond bodily limitations, accessible and through little physical expenditure.


A possible issue future humans may face will be deciding which experiences to keep physical and those that become simulated. Any route, simulations can be used as a cradle for desires as well as a therapeutic outlet.

Accelerating climate change and our looming potential extinction are at the forefront of this, lest we fail to change our capitalist systems. The good news is that technology can be used as a tool to adapt if applied in radical ways.

A majority of recycled textiles, foam, and plastics were recomposed and manipulated for this design. The bouncy surface of the springs contribute an additional layer of disassociation inside the simulation. This distorted sensing and aesthetics are desired decisions, referencing the urgency of

re-framing current (damaging) societal paradigms. 

ceci sariol
ceci sariol
ceci sariol
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