Fall 2015, Design III
Nov. 11- Dec. 4

Tamie Glass

The prompt for this project was to design an addition for the main atrium space at the Blanton Museum. Using my own film photographs as inspiration, I became excited by the glowy and difficult-to-describe quality that appeared in the images. The final design involved a light installation in the main atrium space, as well as an informal gallery space in an upper lobby. My insertion became about the experience and attempting to achieve an ephemeral, dreamy atmosphere through the use of light, color, and materials. It was intended to act as an intervention between the outside world and the galleries within the museum in order to prepare visitor’s for the rest of the museum experience. Further, I hoped the evanescence of the space would incite locals to visit The Blanton more frequently. Each walkway in the atrium space provides a different experience for the visitor, and during the night, each hall would be filled with saturated, colored light in my chosen color palette. To continue with the ephemeral qualities, as well as the idea that this was an in-between space, I used translucent glass and steel mesh as both are “de-materialized materials.” The informal gallery space would feature changing works, likely photographs, tying into the central theme. 

1. Tate Modern, London. Photograph by me.       
2. USA Wall St. NYC. 1979- Coral Colored Disks. By Burt Glinn.      
3.  Serpentine Gallery, Summer 2015, Selgascano. Photograph by me.

 ...attempting to achieve an ephemeral, 
dreamy atmosphere through the use of
 light, color, and materials.