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ceci sariol
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ceci sariol



1. Visionia 2, by Verner Panton.      
2. Acne Store, Copenhagen, Bozarth Fornell Architects.      
3. Superkilen, Copenhagen, BIG Architects

DIS Study Abroad
July 6-July 30

Summer 2016

Papiøren, or Paper Island, located on Copenhagen’s inner harbor, has transformed from empty industrial halls-- which once served as paper storage for the Procurement Association of the Danish Press-- to a budding hot-spot for both tourists and locals alike. This is attributed to recent developments, most notable being the Copenhagen Street Food halls. Also contributing to the masses of people visiting the island was the opening of a new bridge that finally provided a direct connection between Nyhavn and Christianshavn, where our site was located. Before the bridge unveiling, however, the prime means of transportation to the island was by boat, and, even after, on particularly bustling days, traffic would flow into the water with people maneuvering personal boats or rafting units. For this project, a vacant warehouse would be transformed to accommodate a flexible exhibition space, as well as a number of workshops for artists and craftsmen. Detecting the undercurrent of sea culture prevalent in Copenhagen, as well as the slight chaotic excitement hanging over the area, led to the adaptation of a convoluted knot shape as the main form for the exhibition space (left). Two larger juxtapositions were intended to be emphasized-- the first between the bustle of traffic around the warehouses, and then stepping into the exhibition space and finding oneself wrapped in an intimate interior. The second divide would exist between the exhibition space -- use of artificial light and a more organic and sculptural feel-- and the workshops, which appear more regulated with large colored glass panels to sanction the space. In terms of color palette decisions, Danish influences were incorporated-- Superkilen’s Red Square, by BIG architects, the striking red interior of the Acne Store, and the saturated and immersive interiors of famous Dane, Verner Panton.


  Undercurrent of sea culture prevalent in Copenhagen, as well as the slight chaotic excitement hanging over the area...

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